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Legal Advertisment

Legal Advertisment

GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL HOTEL BUSINESS, S.A. (hereinafter, 'GLOBAL HOTELS') would like to use this Privacy Policy to inform you on how we process your data, the purposes for which we process your data, the rights that you have as a user with respect to your personal information, and how long we store this information.

When you access our website you take on the condition of User. As a User, you declare that you have the legal capacity required to understand and accept the Privacy Policy in its entirety. This Privacy Policy should be read together with our Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy finding out about the services that GLOBAL HOTELS offers.




This Privacy Policy governs the use of the website (hereinafter, 'the Website'), which is owned by GLOBAL HOTELS, S.A. (hereinafter, 'GLOBAL HOTELS').

The party responsible for data processing is GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL HOTEL BUSINESS, S.A., with registered address at Rambleta Pare Alegre, 98. 08224, Terrassa, Barcelona (Spain), with Tax ID Code A41390022. Their email address is and their contact number is 937333300.

Users accept the terms and conditions detailed herein, insofar that they are applicable to them.


Personal data is considered to be any information that identifies a person or allows for a person to be identified. For example, a person's full name can identify them directly, whilst their ID number can identify them indirectly. Personal data includes information such as telephone number, email address, date of birth, gender, etc. It could also include digital identifiers, such as the IP address of your computer, as well as information acquired through cookies.

Personal data processing is considered to be any operation or operations that we carry out with your personal data, such as gathering, recording, storing, using and communicating this information.


We need certain information about you to process the data specified in this Privacy Policy. To do this, we gather the information you provide to us through various interaction and communication channels, such as the registration form on our website for becoming a member, the information and contact request forms, the newsletter subscription form, corporate profiles on social networks, etc.

The data that we can collect through these channels are your full name, date of birth, nationality, national ID number, full address, mobile number, email address, the responses you provide on satisfaction surveys, your social network profiles (when you consent to sharing this personal information with us), etc.


You do not need to register on our Website to access the services that GLOBAL HOTELS offers. We only collect and process information that you provide us through the following means:

  • The booking form: where you give us your personal data to make a booking in our facilities.
  • Contact enquiry forms: where you give us your personal data to request information on our courses, events, budgets, products, etc.
  • Newsletter subscription forms: where you give us your personal data to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Interaction with the Website and with GLOBAL HOTELS through social networks: by using the Website and browsing its pages and through the interaction you have with GLOBAL HOTELS on the company's corporate profiles on different social networks.



In order to transparently inform you on the purposes of processing your personal data, we have separated the information regarding each type of processing into different tables. You can use these tables to find the specific information regarding each type of data processing that we carry out.


Each table includes the following information:

  1. The purposes of processing your data

    This column explains what we process your personal data for and for what purpose.
  2. The legal basis for processing your data.

This column explains the legal basis that allows us to process your personal data. The data protection regulation requires us to have a legal basis for processing your personal data. Thus, we have 4 legal bases for processing your personal data, depending on the activity or processing in question. The legal bases for processing your personal data can be:

  • Legitimate interest: As a company, GLOBAL HOTELS has a legitimate interest in gathering and processing your personal data with a view to studying and analysing the adequacy of our Website, products and services, whether they adapt to the needs of our customers and users, or whether they need to be modified in any specific way or improved to better adapt to these needs. It also has a legitimate interest in maintaining regular contact with you to keep you informed on promotions or advertisements regarding its products and services. In any case, this legitimate interest is based on an analysis of the proper balance of our interests when processing your personal data and your rights and freedoms. The result of this analysis will determine whether or not we can process your personal information for the processing described in this Privacy Policy (except with respect to segmentation and profiling processing for sending commercial communications, for which we require your express consent).
  • Compliance with a legal obligation: As a company, GLOBAL HOTELS acts as the responsible party for your personal data, which is why we must meet a range of obligations imposed by accounting, tax and consumer regulations, etc. In cases where the legal justification of our data processing is compliance with a legal obligation, your refusal to supply such information will make it impossible for you to contract products or services with GLOBAL HOTELS, as doing so would be a breach to the regulations to which we are subjected.
  • Your consent: If GLOBAL HOTELS wants to process your data in cases where the legal justification cannot be based on the reasons detailed above, we will request your prior consent. In such cases you can always withdraw your consent.


  1. For how long do we keep your personal data?

This column provides information on how long your data will be stored for. The storage time will depend on how your personal information is being processed. Bear in mind that certain accounting, tax, consumer, data protection and contract regulations impel us to keep certain information on customers and users for a given period.

  1. What are your rights?

This column describes the rights that you can exercise regarding your personal information, with respect to data processing. Bear in mind that your rights may be limited depending on the legal basis that legitimises the data processing in question. We go in to further detail on this matter in the next section.

Below, you will find detailed descriptions of the various ways in which GLOBAL HOTELS processes your personal data:

  1. Managing the contractual relationship with customers
  1. Analysis, segmentation and profiling of customers and Website users



       5. What is segmentation and profiling?

With a view to sending you the most customised promotions and commercial/advertising communications according to your interests, tastes, characteristics and purchasing habits, or your use of the programme itself, we use segmentation, analysis and profiling techniques.

Segmentation and profiling are automated techniques and processes, the purpose of which is to improve the quality of the information on customers and users that we have. Applying profiling techniques on customer and user data allows us to discover or define quality requirements and standards on said data, and segmentation techniques allow us to segment customers and users on the basis of the various requirements and standards obtained from the profiling process. This provides us with common customer and user profiles, and offer personalised promotions to our customers and users.

6. What information do we collect for the profiling process?

In order to carry out the profiling process, we need your basic details (address, age, name and address), your characteristics, preferences, tastes, subjects of interest, details on orders/purchases, your social network profiles (when you consent to share this information with us), information on your purchasing history and use of benefits from the loyalty programme, your usage pattern on the Website, opinions on products, services and events, and/or in-store customer experience, etc.

  1. How does profiling affect the commercial communications and promotions sent to you digitally?

The profiles obtained are used to offer you personalised promotions and commercial communications, in accordance with your tastes, preferences, interests and purchase history. Therefore, we avoid sending you any promotions or commercial communications that are not in your interest. Profiling your personal data allows us to understand your tastes, so that the promotions and commercial communications you receive are more customised, and better suit your preferences and interests.

As a result, through segmenting and profiling, we can group customers and users according to their similarities and differences in various areas, such as the products they like, the promotions they use, their purchasing habits or their responses to commercial communications sent by GLOBAL HOTELS.

I.e., by applying segmentation and profiling tools and techniques to customer and user data, GLOBAL HOTELS can obtain different customer and user profiles, with a view to group them and offer them different products and services, promotions, purchasing experiences and commercial communications that are much more in line with their particular characteristics.

  1. Maintaining updated deletion lists so that the customer or user is no longer connected, if they request this.



  1. Analysis of website use, performance and improvements





These are the rights that the website user can exercise:




In order to ensure the fair and transparent processing of your personal data, we adopt suitable procedures that include the implementation of technical and organisational measures. These measures take the potential risk in to account, and correct any inaccuracy identified in the personal data processed, such that the risk of any error is minimised, therefore processing your data fairly and securely.

All the information you provide us with is stored in secure servers. Unfortunately, transferring or communicating information online is not completely secure. For this reason, once we have received all your information, we will use strict security procedures to avoid any unauthorised access.

Likewise, we ensure that our service providers adhere to suitable security standards to protect personal data that they may have access to, in accordance with applicable data protection law.


GLOBAL HOTELS does not disclose the personal data you provide, unless it is necessary to provide the contracted service, such as communication with payment platforms, banks and companies that process transactions.

We may also communicate your personal data in the event of a legal requirement or basis that legitimises its communication to courts or public administration bodies.

Your personal data may be processed by our providers or trusted third parties, provided that, in such cases, we enter into processing order agreements and only select providers who are certified in data protection compliance. Your data may be communicated to other companies in the NORTIA Group for internal administrative purposes, in the framework of executing a processing order agreement. We only provide the minimum information necessary to carry out the service, and require them to not use your personal data for any other purpose. At GLOBAL HOTELS we make the greatest effort to ensure that all the third parties we work with keep your personal data secure.

Other potential third parties that we may communicate your data to, prior legal requirement or basis that legitimises this communication:

  • Legal advisers
  • Courts
  • The Tax Agency
  • Government and public administration bodies
  • Law enforcement agencies.

Furthermore, we may communicate your personal information to others in the following cases:

  • If we, or substantially all of our assets, are acquired by a third party. In this case, the personal data we have on our customers and users will be one of the assets transferred. You will be notified of any operation of this kind.
  • To protect the security and rights of our staff, our customers and users and our IT systems. This includes exchanging information with law enforcement agencies or courts in cases of fraud detection, identity theft or any other illegal use, processing or event.

The personal data that you provide us with may be transferred to, accessed from and stored in a destination outside of the European Economic Area ('EEA'). Personal data can also be processed by staff members who operate outside of the EEA and who work for us or for one of our service providers.

GLOBAL HOTELS only transfers personal data outside of the EEC in a secure and legal manner. Given that it is possible that some countries do not have laws that govern the use and transfer of personal data, we take measures to ensure that third parties comply with the commitments established in this policy. Reviewing privacy standards and selecting certified entities in the framework of the EU-USA Privacy Shield, approved by Decision (EU) 2016/1250 of the Commission, of 12 July 2016.

Service providers located outside of the EEC such as Facebook, Inc, Mailchimp or Google, LLC, can access your personal data. These service providers are attached to the Privacy Shield, and are therefore obligated to protect your personal data according to a range of data protection and safeguarding standards of the same level established in Europe. The GDPR has ensured that these companies are obliged to apply the compulsory security measures of the EEA.


This Privacy Policy can vary over time due to possible criteria changes implemented by the competent data protection supervisory authority. GLOBAL HOTELS therefore reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy to adapt it to such criteria, as well as new jurisprudential or legislative aspects.

Latest version: May 2018.


If you have any questions regarding the processing of your data, you can write to

You can contact the Data Protection Officer by email:, over the phone: 93 733 33 00.

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